My copy of On Lisp arrived

The Clojure Cup has finished, and my team, What The Fn, won the public favorite award.  This was really more a function of us begging for votes in the chat feature of the app early on, which gave us a lot of visibility throughout the competition.

On of the team prizes was a copy of Paul Graham's "On Lisp", and my team is letting me be the guardian of this book.  I'm thrilled because this book was my first introduction to Lisp beyond an intro class I took in school.  At the time, the University Co-Op at UT had a great selection of computer science books and I bought a number of gems like this. 

Sadly, I don't think I every finished the book, though I did make some semi-serious attempts.  I clearly remember section 2.6 on Closures having a big impact, and section 5.3 on memoization was (I think) my first introduction to the idea.  But, seeing as how I never actually learned macros until I become a Clojure developer, I'm guessing that's about how far I got with the book. 

I actually sold my original copy on Amazon marketplace years ago. I didn't think I'd ever have much use for a Lisp book, and the prices the book fetches are just too compelling given that the book is available for free in PDF form if I ever did want to revisit the material. When I started doing Clojure, I regretted that decision greatly, but not so much I felt strongly motivated to spend $150 to replace my copy.  Thanks to the Clojure Cup, I don't have to. No, it's not the same copy I purchased as an eager CS undergrad and then neglected, but it's good enough for me.  I can't wait to dig into it again.